wolfydolf DJ Set At Brutaria lu` Donisan – Radio Hit 94.9 FM [04.08.2018]

I’ve been invited to play a live DJ set for a radio show called Brutaria lu` Donisan (Donisan’s Bakery) which airs every Saturday evening at 20.00 (Romanian Time) at Radio Hit 94.9 FM Iasi.

Make sure to check out the show’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/brutarialudonisan/

Here’s the complete set you can listen to:

wolfydolf DJ Set At Tribe Cafe Radauti [19.08.2015]


As part of the “Funk you!” event (https://www.facebook.com/events/676043179206847/), I’ve been DJ-ing at a very nice place in Radauti, called Tribe Cafe (check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/tribecaferadauti)

Here’s the entire set you can listen to:

download link : wolfydolf DJ Set At Tribe Cafe Radauti [19.08.2015]

Also, you can watch the 2nd half of my dj set:

Thanks to the guys @ Tribe Cafe and to Fortral who made the event possible.

WARNING: There was an open mic, so there is a lot of yelling in the mic 🙂

Also, Youtube blocked some content due to some copyright claims, so if you here some weird music or silence during the video, that’s why 🙂


[mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #3

GENRE: Funk / Mash up / Reggae / Drumandbass / Electronica


  1. Bahama Soul Club – Bossa bop feat. Pat Appleton (valique’s hop bop remix)
  2. Deluxe – Pony
  3. The sly players – On the hook(the captain remix)
  4. The Breakbeat junkie – Here’s a funky beat
  5. Zamali – Jah youth (Turntable Dubbers & Sebski edit)
  6. See-i – Soul hit man (drumagick remix)
  7. Parker – Dr Dr
  8. James Brown – Sunny (Regrooved by Featurecast)
  9. Aran Shades – Mas Que Nada (Subz & Matik Drum And Bass Remix)
  10. Dexcell – Digifunk
  11. Amadou & Mariam – La Realite (Yuksek Remix)
  12. Featurecast – Oh My God
  13. Funkanomics – Grand daddy represent
  14. Jimmy Castor – Supersound (Busta & Some Dj Remix)
  15. Subzilla – Knock the Bitches Out

download link : [mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #3

[mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #2

GENRE: Hip-Hop / Glitch / Funk / Mash up / Dub / Reggae / Electronica


  1. Othello and DJ Vajra – Go!
  2. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check feat.RAMPAGE (Drib-Lah Remix)
  3. Blunt Instrument – Ring The Alarm
  4. DJ Vajra – Herb Swing Around
  5. Krystian Shek – Got Soul (Poldoore Remix)
  6. FunkMoguls – Here Come The Funksteppers
  7. Poldoore – Greenwood
  8. Blunt Instrument – Funky Kingston (Mid tempo glitch mix)
  9. TIM McVICAR – For the Money (Busta Remix)
  10. MustBeat Crew – Get This Clear (BadboE Remix)
  11. Johnny Pluse – Skanky Bitch (Totalcult Remix)
  12. STEX Feat Kaneda – Funky Crepes (Original Mix)
  13. Totalcult – Root Face
  14. Basement Freaks – Something Linguistix
  15. Flatwound – Again
  16. Globe By DJ Max & Gabb feat Lacra – Rumbak (Leon Remix)

download link : [mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #2

[mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #1

GENRE: Dance / Electronica


  1. Benji Boko feat. Maxi Jazz – Where My Heart Is
  2. Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star
  3. Yoof (Sunz of Mecha) – Murderer
  4. Destroyerz & Viper X – Black Smoke
  5. Viva City – Mynxx
  6. Kid Digital – Banging machine
  7. Soulbrothers – 21st Century Disco Shit (Miles Dyson Remix)
  8. Mousse T. feat. Emma Lanford – Fire (Mousse T’s Explosive Mix)
  9. Sporty-O & Baymont Bross – Handz Sky Up (Stickybuds Remix)
  10. Jahcoozi – Read the books
  11. Quantic – Sol Clap
  12. Me&you – Fabregas
  13. TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – Swamp Skas
  14. Me&you – Attack of the Yellow Ducks
  15. Brazilian Girls – Good time

download link : [mix] wolfydolf – Bedroom Party Vibes #1

Daft Punk – Derezzed (wolfydolf remix)

GENRE: electronica

download link : Daft punk – Derezzed (wolfydolf remix)

wolfydolf – Electropopular

GENRE: dance/electronica

download link : Electropopular

wolfydolf on Hi Def Dubs EP – High Definition Music

Various Artists – Hi Def Dubs EP

Label: High Definition Music
Cat no. HDEP001
Release Date: 31.08.2008
Format: Digital


1. Wolfydolf – Dubeat
2. Shull – It Burns
3. Hiten & Hazee – Let Me Tell Ya
4. Agent – Tribes
5. Injektah – Urban Tango

Romanian site Dubstep.ro reviews this compilation ➡ see the whole review here

Besonic.com reviews wolfydolf – Dubeat :

Damn good stuff Romanian producer WOLFYDOLF ( “Green Fly” .. anyone?) delivers here. Super-colorful Dub with wonderfully striking “Rock the Beat”-vocal sample and funny (classical) drums, culminating in the legendary “Amen”-break in the middle part. Timeless party bomb!

A big thank you goes to the guys at HDMusic (High Definition Music) and to all you music heads out there.

LATER EDIT : Buy the full release from ➡ Digital-Tunes .

wolfydolf live @ Summer Break 2008 Videos & Pictures


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



wolfydolf Live @ Summer Break 2008 festival

Summer Break 2008 AD from High Definition Mngmnt on Vimeo.

Afis Summer Break 2008Summer Break 2008 map

wolfydolf – Dubeat

GENRE: dub/jungle

download link [64 kbps mp3]: Dubeat


wolfydolf & Safi – Liquid Freedom

GENRE: liquid drumandbass

download link : Liquid Freedom

Besonic reviews – Dubeat

After Besonic.com reviewed Green Fly (here), I get another review for Dubeat.

Besonic.com reviews Dubeat:

Damn good stuff Romanian producer WOLFYDOLF ( “Green Fly” .. anyone?) delivers here. Super-colorful Dub with wonderfully striking “Rock the Beat”-vocal sample and funny (classical) drums, culminating in the legendary “Amen”-break in the middle part. Timeless party bomb!

Thank you, Besonic.com !

Besonic.com reviews wolfydolf - Dubeat

Besonic.com features wolfydolf - Dubeat

wolfydolf – Oamenii au viziune (2008 Remix)

GENRE: breakbeat/breaks

download link : Oamenii au viziune (2008 remix)

wolfydolf – Catre soare

GENRE: dance/electronica

download link : Catre soare

wolfydolf – Scratch beat

After seeing/listening/reading a lot of things about turntables/turntablism, and inspired by the iamnotadj.net , I`ve decided to create my first scratch beat.

It`s always a challenge for me to create something I haven`t done before.

I`m happy with how it turned out, and it seems Albert from iamnotadj.net enjoyed it too.. he posted this track on his site.

Hopefully, there are more to come, so stay tuned 😀


download link : scratch beat

Besonic reviews — Green Fly

Hey, good news !!

Besonic.com reviews wolfydolf&exit.sandman – Green Fly ➡ here

“Oh, Indietronic .. well .. still there?” was a first, spontaneous impression when I got into “Green Fly”, a track by a producer named WOLFYDOLF from Romania(!). And one thing is clear: it would definitely have been a mistake prejudicing this one, because what we get offered here is a wonderful, playful, dubby Downbeat trip into the – yes, this bilgy phrase must simply be allowed at this point – “lightness of being”. Friends of demanding Breakbeat including everything possible between AMON TOBIN and DAVID HOLMES with a dose of bright, glowing Pop, should definitely give it a check out! Consent music to come down to. Great!”

Thank you Besonic.com!

Besonic.com features wolfydolf

wolfydolf – Oldschool please

GENRE: drumandbass

download link : oldschool please

wolfydolf & exit.sandman – Green fly

GENRE: lounge, electronica

Make sure you visit exit.sandman’s myspace page here.

download link : green fly

wolfydolf live @ Aethernative Cafe Timisoara

Thursday, 19.07.2007 @ 21-22 hours in Aethernative Cafe, in Union Square, Timisoara along with Radu Pieloiu (drums) , Mihai Jurmoni (bass), Lucian Naste (guitar).

See ya there!