wolfydolf DJ Set At Brutaria lu` Donisan – Radio Hit 94.9 FM [04.08.2018]

I’ve been invited to play a live DJ set for a radio show called Brutaria lu` Donisan (Donisan’s Bakery) which airs every Saturday evening at 20.00 (Romanian Time) at Radio Hit 94.9 FM Iasi.

Make sure to check out the show’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/brutarialudonisan/

Here’s the complete set you can listen to:

wolfydolf DJ Set At Tribe Cafe Radauti [19.08.2015]


As part of the “Funk you!” event (https://www.facebook.com/events/676043179206847/), I’ve been DJ-ing at a very nice place in Radauti, called Tribe Cafe (check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/tribecaferadauti)

Here’s the entire set you can listen to:

download link : wolfydolf DJ Set At Tribe Cafe Radauti [19.08.2015]

Also, you can watch the 2nd half of my dj set:

Thanks to the guys @ Tribe Cafe and to Fortral who made the event possible.

WARNING: There was an open mic, so there is a lot of yelling in the mic 🙂

Also, Youtube blocked some content due to some copyright claims, so if you here some weird music or silence during the video, that’s why 🙂


wolfydolf live @ Summer Break 2008 Videos & Pictures


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



wolfydolf Live @ Summer Break 2008 festival

Summer Break 2008 AD from High Definition Mngmnt on Vimeo.

Afis Summer Break 2008Summer Break 2008 map

wolfydolf live @ Aethernative Cafe Timisoara

Thursday, 19.07.2007 @ 21-22 hours in Aethernative Cafe, in Union Square, Timisoara along with Radu Pieloiu (drums) , Mihai Jurmoni (bass), Lucian Naste (guitar).

See ya there!

Summer Break 2007 videos and pictures


Many thanks go to DOZ for taping us.


Mihai, me and LuciOamenii au viziuneRadu pregateste vinilulLuci impreuna cu a lui chitaraLuci si Mihaiwolfydolf electro-acoustic quartet :))Oameni si butoaneWhat does this button do ? :)Mihai la bassAction motion e-motion!Luci la chitaraeuAction motion e-motion !

Summer Break Festival 2007

Summer Break Festival, 12 July 2007, along with :

Radu Pieloiu (drums)

Mihai Jurmoni (bass)

Lucian Naste (guitar)

Program :


Stage 1:

19:00 Rapala (LBC/Dub Predatorz – Timisoara)

21:00 Wolfydolf LIVE (Timisoara)

22:00 DuBase (Guerilla Outernational – Oradea)

23:30 Nemo (Nervcore/RiotMusic – Brasov) & Leizaboy (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

01:00 Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols – UK)

02:00 Roli Breaker (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

03:30 Mesmer (Sound Of Habib/EvenFlow/Bombtraxx/Viral – Bucuresti)

05:00 Phoneme (The Koalition – Galati)


Stage 2 – After Hours + Daytime

06:30 Roli Breaker (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

10:00 Hazee (Skunk/Dub Predatorz – Deva)

11:30 Jeaon (Skunk Predatorz “ Deva) + LennyO (Miercurea Ciuc)

13:00 Royal (Soul Dive – Timisoara) + guests

15:00 Marwan (D.U.A – Cluj Napoca)

17:00 Pristvi (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

19:00 DUB Wizard (Rotterdam)

Stage 1:

21:00 cOp (Pecs)

22:30 BRAINS LIVE (Budapesta)

23:30 Dudu (AnonimTM – Timisoara) + J.MC (Southern Sessions – Munchen)

01:00 Kubiks & Lomax (Bristol – UK)

03:00 Dub Predatorz (Hazee & Rapala – Kojokstan)

05.00 Psyon (BreakBots – Budapesta)


Stage 2 – After Hours + Daytime

06:30 Tomasan (Bucuresti)

09:00 WRK (LBC – Targu Mures)

11:00 Dudu (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

12:30 Agent (Unusual Suspects – Cluj Napoca)

14:30 Goblin (The Koalition – Galati)

16:00 Asheron (Rage.Ro – Brasov)

17.30 Klu (Van Graph – Timisoara)

Stage 1:

20:00 Fiyah Burn Sound: Injektah+Mighty Boogie+MC General Trix (Timisoara)

22:00 B-A-U LIVE (Timisoara)

23.30 Klin (AnonimTM – Timisoara)

01:00 Cyantific (Hospital Records – UK)

02:00 Henree (Tatort.org – Koln) + J.MC (Southern Sessions – Munchen)

03.30 TRG (Citrus / Hessle Audio / Strictly Digital – Bucuresti)

Flyer Summer Break - fataFlyer Summer Break - spate

wolfydolf live @ Simultan03 pictures and video

Some pictures from the event:

FriendsProiectieNice viewOameniFrumoasa pozaUn pic de eu si proiectiein actiuneEueude pe culoarlehel aka lennyoplasma

A 9 minute clip from the event: 

wolfydolf @ Simultan03

Simultan 03

Make sure to visit the official page of the Simultan Festival.

Shouts to Lehel (lennyoplasma), the visuals guy 🙂